Warrior Appreciation Foundation

Nicholas Smith is the founder of Warrior Appreciation, I’m a veteran and do anything to help veterans. I’ve always been a guy with a big heart by helping people in need! It is my passion because when I served I was right beside soldiers who would inform me they had nothing to go home to when they got out of the military, some cases not even a home. I feel like our veterans deserve better and don’t deserve what they get in the end of their service to our country.

Amber, Vice President

Amber spends most of her time helping our veterans and troops. Amber is one of a kind in a way of giving back, her dad serves in the US Navy and has been for more then 20 years now. If Amber sees a way she can help she does so!

Eric Divoky, Secretary

He spends most of his time helping our charity and also helps with spina bifida charity as well.